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State-by-State Surrogacy Laws: Surrogacy in Nevada

Nevada is at the top of surrogacy-friendly states for gestational surrogates, though the law does not permit traditional surrogacy (where the surrogate’s own eggs are used) and it is not protected via statute. Assisted Reproduction is acknowledged and gestational surrogacy is expressly permitted via Chapter 126 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. In Nevada, fully executed legal contracts between parties are required before embryo transfer can take place. Jurisdiction for surrogacy contracts typically reflects the state the surrogate resides in; in Nevada, however, the law is flexible and jurisdiction can be based on the location of Intended Parents or even the clinic where the embryo was transferred.

Additionally, under the Nevada Surrogacy Insurance Bill, Nevada also prohibits most insurance carriers from denying maternity coverage to surrogates using their own health plans. This makes Nevada very unique among states in having a breadth of pro-surrogacy regulations on the books. For more information on surrogacy requirements in Nevada and what makes the state unique among surrogacy-friendly locations, please consult a licensed attorney. Surrogacy place has complied a surrogacy-focused attorney directory as a reference.

Can Nevada surrogates be compensated? Is there a limit to what fee they can charge for surrogacy in Nevada?

Surrogates can be compensated and there’s no limit or floor to what they can charge; their fee reflects what they feel is appropriate. Surrogates should always choose their own compensation requirements.

I’m very interested in surrogacy in Nevada, but I’m hesitant to use a surrogacy agency. What about independent surrogacy?

You never need to use a surrogacy agency. While a handful of corporate IVF clinics require it (some with direct financial ties to agencies), there are no laws requiring you to use an agency. There are quite a few sound reasons why an independent journey is preferred by both Intended Parents and surrogates.

Some of those reasons include the financial incentives (on both sides!), directly interviewing a wide range of candidates, and the potential for a closer relationship that feels less like a business transaction done through an intermediary.

Always keep in mind that with or without an agency, choosing the right fit is essential for a successful journey. Have an idea of your non negotiables and carefully consider things like your stance on abortion, health and pregnancy protocols, location, medical history, and even whether or not the surrogate should provide breastmilk.

Are Intended Parents treated differently depending on gender/marital status/sexual orientation in Nevada?  

Nevada has strong equal rights protections for all of its residents, regardless of who they are. Alternative families are welcomed. Pre-birth orders are widely available to everyone, including Intended Parents who have no genetic relationship to their child(ren).

surrogacy without the expensive surrogacy fees. Signup with Surrogacy Place today.Nevada seems great for surrogacy. What are some of the requirements I should meet in order to become a surrogate?

  • You must have your own financial independence (either via your own income or from your spouse) and do not need surrogacy income to support yourself.
  • You possess excellent overall health. You have not been diagnosed with any diseases that could significantly impact pregnancy or have an illness that requires medication where pregnancy is a contradiction.
  • Your BMI is in a healthy range (e.g. < 32).
  • You are a non smoker and do not use recreational drugs. You will not drink alcohol before and during pregnancy.
  • You are able and willing to take medications as prescribed by the Intended Parent(s)’ Reproductive Endocrinologist and, once pregnant, your own OB-GYN.
  • You are/will be between the ages of 21-42.
  • Your past pregnancies were considered medically unremarkable and you had no significant physical or mental health issues throughout.
  • You area mom to at least one kid of your own.

The list above are just some of the qualifications you’d be expected to meet. You can take our surrogacy-requirements quiz to learn more.

Surrogacy is a huge commitment and not something you should ever jump into with proper preparation. Surrogates must be 100% sure they know what surrogacy entails. Your spouse or partner (if applicable) has to be on board. Think about how your professional career may be impacted. Be honest in examining the pros and cons of surrogacy for yourself and your family.

If you are sure you want to pursue surrogacy in Nevada and suspect you are a good candidate, you can begin the process of matching. Are you considering going independent and not using a surrogacy agency? You can use Surrogacy Place’s self-matching platform to start messaging Intended Parents. After you have found your ideal match, the next step is to go through the legal and medical parts of your surrogacy journey. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll have an embryo transferred which begins the exciting part of your surrogacy journey. If the pregnancy progresses in a healthy way, you will deliver a child(ren) to grateful Intended Parents!

For additional details, read our surrogacy guide

If you’re in Nevada and want more information on becoming a surrogate, check out our comprehensive overview

Finding the perfect surrogate or Intended Parent match in Nevada

Surrogacy Place’s ID-verification platform is secure and trusted. Our mission is to connect surrogates and Intended Parents based on their unique requirements. If you want to find matches near you, try searching by location. Surrogacy Place’s site is free for surrogates to register and use. Intended Parents have to pay a small access fee to use most of the site’s features. You can get started by creating your profile

Ready to get started on your independent surrogacy journey in Nevada?

Independent surrogacy arrangements are available to anyone who is a surrogate or needs to services of a surrogate. You never need to use an agency. Did you know surrogacy agencies are not regulated by the state or federal government? There are no guarantees that surrogacy agencies will act in your best interest. As a result, many chose to do their surrogacy journeys independently. Intended Parents prefer to save money on unnecessary and expensive agency matching and administrative fees. Many are able to offer their surrogate more money without the bulk of their budget being siphoned off by an agency. Going independent also allows all parties to directly vet a large pool vs. a select group of a 1-2 profiles an agency is willing to show them.

There’s also long agency wait times – Intended Parents often wait over a year, sometimes 18 months or longer to move up an agency’s matching waitlist. Independent surrogacy allows greater control over the process which has the potential to significantly shorten wait times.

Beyond matching, agencies don’t serve much of a function. They will coordinate travel and follow up on appointments, but these are simple tasks that shouldn’t require spending tens of thousands of dollars. Action items are created by your legal counsel and  your doctor, not by your agency.

At the end of the day, both surrogates and Intended Parents are best served when they lean on qualified medical and legal professionals. Each side’s legal and medical team are ultimately responsible for clearing and vetting surrogates matches whether they are through an agency or not.

Given that, it’s no surprise that many surrogates find independent journeys more satisfying. Read about some of the specific reasons

What are all the expenses related to surrogacy Intended Parents typically pay?

We have a cost summary which discusses many of the costs you can expect to pay as an Intended Parent

Looking for info on surrogacy as practiced in another state? You can read more in our state by state comparison hub.

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