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There’s a common myth often perpetuated by Surrogacy Agencies who hold a vested interest that forgoing surrogacy agencies benefits only IPs (Intended Parents) and that surrogates shouldn’t worry about “saving their IPs money” and stick to the agency model. 

Here are some of the reasons many surrogates (especially experienced ones, but also first-timers) prefer independent Journeys. 

– Agencies will often require surrogates to be exclusive with them, even for subsequent journeys. If a surrogate has had a bad experience, these types of contracts will force them to do future surrogacy arrangements with that agency, despite their lived bad experience.

– Many agencies require you sign with them exclusively without seeing who the IPs they work with are and whether or not they meet your matching criteria. 

– Many agencies will often prioritize their highest paying clients and not base matching exclusively on the match points important to each side. Many offer “premium” services that shortening wait times for their wealthiest IPs, but that ignore the surrogate’s full list of criteria. Many surrogates feel pressured to successfully match with certain IPs, despite their gut feelings.

– Many surrogates would rather have a personal relationship with their IPs, including being able to communicate directly and not have all or most communication happen via a mediator at the agency which is sometimes an unresponsive or unreasonable coordinator. 

– Going independent allows surrogates to dictate their own terms. If a surrogate has a number in mind about what compensation she deserves, there’s no one telling her to compromise. She does not have to follow an agency’s “rate card” which is often lower than what she would get if she went out on her own as the agency is siphoning off much of the Intended Parent(s)’s available budget.

– They have a fantastic attorney (attorneys fees are always paid by the Intended Parents) that will act as a mediator for “tough conversations” as needed. Surrogates  know that enforcing contractual obligations is always best left to qualified attorneys and is not something an agency can do on your behalf.

If you are a surrogate or intended parent seeking potential surrogacy matches for an independent journey without a surrogacy agency, start here!


Bridget Myers

Bridget Myers grew up in small town in Maryland. She started her career as a substitute teacher before meeting the love of her life and moving to the suburbs of Chicago. She has a passion for dogs and painting. Bridget got involved in Surrogacy Place after researching surrogacy for her best friend. Since joining the team at Surrogacy Place, she has developed a passion for advocating on behalf of Intended Parents and surrogates and doing her part for meaningful reform in the industry.