Michelle, Surrogacy Place

About us

Surrogacy Place was founded by Michelle, an Intended Parent. Michelle has personally experienced the transformative nature of a surrogacy journey and is now a mom to two kiddos thanks to assisted reproduction technology and her wonderful surrogate.

Michelle's own surrogacy journey was marked by resilience, and unwavering hope. In founding Surrogacy Place, Michelle channels her passion and firsthand knowledge into supporting others on their surrogacy journeys.

Surrogacy Place is an online matching service that allows people seeking surrogacy services and surrogates to find each other based on criteria that's important to both sides. We are not an agency. We are an inexpensive alternative to the very expensive matching programs that surrogacy agencies run.

Surrogacy agencies cannot truly warrant that any individual is fit or eligible to become a surrogate. Only qualified Reproductive Endocrinologists and Assisted Reproduction attorneys can do formal vetting. Surrogacy Place strongly believe surrogacy is expensive enough without agencies taking the lion share of controllable expenses. As agencies are also the only optional part of the process, Surrogacy Place provides Intended Parents a way to forgo agencies entirely if desired. Surrogacy Place also enables surrogates to directly dedicate their own terms, including compensation requirements, without being beholden to an agency's price sheets.

Surrogacy Place's mission is to connect American and foreign Intended Parents with US-based surrogates and to provide a trusted alternative to agencies. Surrogates and Intended Parents alike can directly screen candidates to ensure they find the right match for their preferences and values while negotiating compensation directly.

Surrogacy Place is proud to be a part of the movement to continue to normalize ethical and well-regulated commercial surrogacy.