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Is single dad a thing?

In the US, an estimated 5% of children are being raised by single dads. It’s also an increasingly popular choice for dads all over the world as told by this beautiful article in The Guardian.

More men than ever are choosing to become parents without marriage or a life partner. Some are choosing adoption or the foster care system, while others choose surrogacy. Whatever the path, the commonality is men who have always seen themselves as fathers. We’ve come a long way in understanding that fathers are just as capable of raising children as mothers. Men are embracing this moment. 

For men wishing to create or complete their families through surrogacy, they have the option of traditional surrogacyegg donation from a surrogate’s only eggs which is fertilized through intrauterine insemination (IUI) or gestational surrogacysurrogacy in which an egg donor provides the egg and an intended father provides the sperm or a sperm donor is used. The surrogate is then impregnated via In vitro fertilization (IVF). While a single intended father may choose sperm donation or to use a donated embryo (both situations where he is not biologically the father to the child(ren)), given the laws governing parentage, this path should be thoroughly vetted with a qualified Assisted Reproduction Attorney.

As with all persons seeking surrogacy, single dads should discuss options with a qualified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Assisted Reproduction Attorney.

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